Addicting Voodoo Games

Voodoo games is a French video game developer who focuses on “hyper-casual” free-to-play games. They have a large number of highly rated mobile games that are played by tens of thousands of people.

Why are these games so popular? Why do so many people play them?

It’s because they make you want to play them more and more. They are addicting.

They are addictive because they are intentionally designed to be that way.

Voodoo games are not alone on this front. In-fact, most mobile games are made in such a way to hook you into playing and hopefully paying more.

Most of the games have very simple mechanics. Things like tapping to perform an action, sliding your finger across the screen to move, or simply answering questions from a quiz.

This is to ensure that the games are accessible to as many people as possible. Simple mechanics means more people can play them and the more people playing the more money they can make.

To make them addicting, they look to techniques casinos have been using for decades.

Everytime you win, you get big rushing numbers, bright lights, and happy sounds. Even though you’ve just been mindless tapping, it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something and have been rewarded for it. A lot of these games are not much different than slot machines in that aspect.

Additionally, to make sure you keep coming back, a lot of these games will offer things like “daily rewards”. On the first day you could receive 10 coins, come back again the next day and you get 15 coins, the third day you’ll get 20 coins, and so on. This is manipulation by using “FOMO”, Fear of Missing Out.

FOMO is a major contributor to mobile gaming addiction. People will feel the need to log in every day to make sure they don’t miss out on their bonuses.

The over-exaggerated “victory” screens, the simple game-play mechanics, and the fear of missing out are certainly the three biggest contributors to video game addiction. To make matters worse, a lot of these games also offer micro-transactions. Micro-transactions are spending REAL money in the game to give yourself an advantage.

People gladly pay for these when they are addicted, and doing so makes them even more addicted. Now that you’ve put money into the game, you HAVE to keep playing, right?

This is why these kinds of games hook people in and keep them playing.

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