The most played card games

The Most Played Card Games In 2021

There are different types of games that use a deck of cards and specific rules for the game. The rules tend to vary because different games have different styles of playing. Card games can be based on chance or skill.

A deck of playing cards is what all card hands have in common. The typical deck has 52 cards divided into four suits;

• Clubs
• Diamonds
• Hearts
• Spades

The suit has numbered cards from 2 to 10 accompanied by four court cards.

However, new animations and card types have been created, bringing new cards on board. Developers have slowly moved away from the traditional deck and are putting more effort into crafting new animations and quests for card-games.


This game created a whole new standard when it came to card games. It has been hard for other games to catch up, and to top it all, it is entirely free. This makes it a trendy game among many people who are looking to play online. It is fun and straightforward.


It makes a great alternative to hearthstone. Players can customize the traits of the characters, which makes the game more adventurous. It is easy to master the game and play it. It makes for a great way to pass the time.

Legends of Runeterra

Runeterra is a highly competitive free game. With beautiful animation. The game is kept fresh with constant updates to keep you entertained. You will have to test both your skills and knowledge to secure a win in the game.


The game is set up in a fantasy universe with a unique approach to the gaming structure. It is engaging with a progression system that helps test your skills and knowledge of the game. If you are into deck construction, then you will enjoy this game.


It has similar gameplay to Shadowverse but with a much larger story. This game is generous when it comes to free packs. It also offers a draft mode where you can keep your complete collection.

The above are the top five played card-games in 2021. They all have unique storylines and ways of playing. One thing is sure, though; you will not get bored.

The best part is that developers behind these games are constantly trying to improve them. Their progression and reward systems keep getting better and better. This makes them give a great gaming experience.

Bear in mind that one or more individuals can play card-games; therefore, you can easily share the fun. If you are a beginner at playing card-games and don’t have a particular choice, you can try them all. Maybe you will find the one that keeps you engrossed. You can start with Legends of Runeterra since it is more beginner-friendly.

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