What are the Best Rated Fitness Games in 2021?

The popularity of fitness games in 2021 will remain higher than it currently is. This trend will be attributed to two primary factors:

1) The continued availability and affordability of minimalistic and affordable VR equipment will facilitate the uptake and utilization of virtual reality hardware, which will increase the number of people that can access these types of technologies.

2) The advancement of these games will be triggered by the demand for higher quality VR equipment in combination with advances in programming.

The best-rated games in 2021 will include Beat Saber, Soundboxing, and Box VR. Although these virtual reality games are relatively simplistic compared to other VR titles, they allow users to integrate physical activity into their gaming experience.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a game in which the player wields two lightsabers to cut shapes that are displayed on-screen. The physicality of this game is derived from the act of physically swinging your arms with precision and accuracy, as moving them incorrectly decreases your score. This game will become increasingly popular with the release of new songs, increasing in quality and length.


Soundboxing is a game that takes popular songs and changes them so that virtual objects are placed on the beat of these tunes. These objects need to be punched away by pushing one’s hands through holes on-screen.

Box VR

Box VR is similar, except it allows users to create their songs and adjust the on-screen targets based on their performance. The gameplay of this game requires users to maintain a high level of cardio. Users must constantly move their hands and feet to play the game, which results in increased heart rate and fatigue.

Sprint Vector, Cyberstep’s Onigiri, and Virtuality Boxing will also be popular games due to their combination of physical elements in a game that is simple to understand.

Sprint Vector is an obstacle course game requiring players to run, climb, crawl, and jump through increasingly tricky courses using natural body movements. Onigiri is a Japanese-themed multiplayer online battle arena video game that can be played competitively or cooperatively. Virtuality Boxing is a boxing game that allows users to punch at their opponents while being physically active.

These games will be at the forefront of health and fitness virtual reality platforms. Although they are not as complex or intricate as other VR titles, they add a unique element to the concept of gaming. In combination with the affordability of VR hardware, these games will continue to lead this market, which is projected to expand significantly.

In 2021, several popular fitness video games will be either re-released or ported from current generation consoles to the next generation of consoles, such as the Xbox Scarlet and PlayStation Neo. This trend will be attributed to increased competition between console developers.

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